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University Computer Science Student, USA

It was a great eye-opener for me in the STEM world. The concepts and skills I learned have helped me succeed in my CXC exams and college courses. Thanks, WCC! I would definitely recommend the camp to future coders.

University Computer Science Student, UWI

WCC greatly enhanced my understanding of basic logic and computer skills. This has proven to be useful throughout my studies in CSEC and CAPE, and it has definitely influenced my decision to pursue computing at the university level.

Mobirise Website Builder
High Schooler

Attending the Coding Summer Camp was one of the best decisions I made. I loved it so much I am currently preparing to pursue a career in the technology sector. During my recent graduation, I was awarded the Valedictorian, Principal's Award, Gold Honours and top achiever in Information technology.

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Our members learn up to 6 new computer skills in 4 weeks.  Each of our paid programs includes Online Holiday Camps, Access to Our Do-It-yourself Tutorials,  Monthly Development Sprints and access to over 1,500 USD of code. Advance members can sell their code in our store or recycle their old robotics kits.

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Walcott Coding Club

About Us

Since 2017, The Walcott Coding Club (previously known as Junior Coding Club) has trained several future coders who are now excelling in university Computer Science courses.

WCC was developed with a single goal in mind: to share the knowledge and opportunities of coding with individuals of all backgrounds.

The club is important because learning to code alone is really difficult without the right teaching, mentorship, and coaching.

Having begun my career as a Math & Physics teacher at St. George's College in Kingston, Jamaica, I am now preparing to step back into the classroom. However, this time, I am accompanied by a team of STEM Educators, Software Developers, and Parents who are dedicated to helping our youth overcome Code Phobia.

Join us as we share the joy of coding with the next generation of thinkers and innovators.

Marlon Walcott B.Sc.(Physics) Summa Cum Laude, M.Sc.(MIS)
Founder of WCC.

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Mobirise Website Builder

Church Websites (With Training)

Starting $1,399

Mobirise Website Builder

Personal One Page Website (With Training)

Starting $399

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8 hrs One-On-One Consulting

Starting $1,899

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